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We at SINCRO have always kept Quality our priority. There is no alternate to good quality. In order to achieve this we have our water storage tanks approved from the highest quality assessing authority for manufacturers in India, The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Our water Storage tanks are certified by the BIS for manufacture as per the Indian Standard (IS) specification IS 12701: 1996. Our license number is CM/L 7494793.

These water storage tanks are strictly manufactured as per the guidelines laid down by the BIS. Each product has its Unique Identity Number (serial number) mentioned on it along with its batch code and goes through a series of Tests and Quality Control measures before dispatching it into the market.

In order to safeguard the users of water storage tanks we recommend every consumer to buy a water storage tank only with the appropriate ISI approval/ ISI mark on it.

Please contact us for further details on BIS approved plastic water storage tanks.