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Water is the driving force in nature. Civilizations have been built and prospered around water. In ancient cultures water represented the very essence of life. Water is our lifeline that bathes us and feeds us. Water has always been perceived as a gift from the gods as it rained from the heavens.

Fresh, clean water is a limited resource. While most of the planet is covered in water, it is salt water that can only be consumed by humans and other species after undergoing desalination, which is an expensive process. Occurrences such as droughts further limit access to clean and fresh water, meaning people need to take steps to reduce water use and save as much water as possible. Also contaminated water causes many waterborne diseases, some of which can be fatal. That is why it is so important to have a water storage tank.

Sincro water storage tanks deliver high standards of hygiene for water at an affordable price. Established in 1997, We at presently supply our products to almost all major location in Maharashtra, such as Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Karjat, Kasara, Pune, Nashik, Dahanu, Pen, Roha, Nagothane, Khopoli, Uran. At present we manufacture rectangular plastic water tanks (loft) upto 1250 liters capacity of natural white color for indoor (Domestic) use with 30 No. of sizes and plastics cylindrical vertical water storage tanks in black color for outdoor use upto 10000 liters capacity. Further we are also manufacturing household drums from 100 to 225 liters capacity in black & white only.

A SINCRO plastic water tank is one long term investment as they are made of pure virgin polymers.

The raw material is approved by the food and drug authority (FDA). And material such as Whitener, Master batch, Additives etc. are from standard reputed companies only. Our Loft/ Vertical tanks are designed as per ISI specification and meets the testings requirement.

We have with us a wide range of Loft and Vertical tanks up to maximum capacity of 10000 Liters with different heights taking in to consideration the freedom of choice, selection and proper fitness as per space available.

There are no cut sizes and the tanks are 100% mosquito proof.


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